Hepco&Becker fender guards are a highlight to every motorcycle fender. The lines are adapted to the motorcycle's fender.
Naturally, Hepco&Becker fender guards are precisely manufactured and easy to install. The fender guards have premium high-gloss chrome plating.
custom designed for each bike
adapted to the lines of the motorcycle
easy assembly
Made in Germany!
Premium high-gloss chrome plating
Suitable for : Suzuki C 1800 R
Compatible with following models
Please check mounting instructions for more info
Item no. : 4103516 00 02
EAN : 4042545501075
Vehicle specific information : Please check mounting instructions for more info
Weight : 1.8 kg

OSG エキストラロングドリル用超硬パイロットドリル 8688924 ADO-PLT-4.53



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